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"Skil Environmental Ltd has closed due to the founders retirement. The new company is SK Environmental Ltd. Please visit: - www.skenvironmental.com"

Skil Environmental Ltd is a UK manufacturer with 40 years experience of instrumentation for measurement and control of combustion plant, specialising in environmental monitoring and control products, including electrical process control panels. The current range of products include an emission monitor (opacity, optical density & particulate), oxygen monitor, flue gas analyser,
air pressure monitor & controller.

Flue gas analyser applications include Incinerator, Boiler, Wood Burner, Furnace, Cremator, Biofuel Burner/Boiler, Aluminium Smelting, Drying Kiln, Marine Boiler/Engine monitoring.

The flue gas analyser range includes: -

Skil 252 Emission Monitor
Skil 2950 Flue Gas Analyser
Skil OC2010 Oxygen Monitor

Type 252 Emission Monitor with Receiver & Transmitter Units (Opacity, Optical Density & Particulate)

For many years Skil has also been a distributor for Robertshaw Industrial Products. i.e. Capacitance Level Sensors, Vibration Monitors, Self Regulating Valves and Pneumatic Control Products.

The company also has a fully equipped CNC machine shop facility, specialising in jig and tool manufacture and precision engineering.

Skil Environmental Ltd, Greenhey Place, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9SB
Tel: +44(0)1695 714600    Fax: +44(0)1695 714611    email:sales@skilenvironmental.com
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